Tuesday, 3 January 2017

HR Trends:2017

As we usher into another year, let’s welcome 2017 with open minds, free thoughts and network clouds to understand the complexities that we deal with everyday. 2017 will witness more technology, financial and human disruptions. With Amazon Go, PayPass, Digital Wallet & with latest UPI/BHIM transactional modes coming into mainstream, it will require people capabilities and competencies to be constantly upgraded to remain ahead of the mind game.

Let’s look at some of the competencies, capabilities and trends which would be necessary to add in 2017:

  • Learning Agility- People need to be constantly upgraded on the latest happenings around the world and should always in hunger mode to learn new things. It will require our people to quickly unlearn and learn new things
  • Communication - It is of utmost importance for the leadership to be constantly in touch with the employees in a volatile and dynamic business environment. It also means that leadership should also be seen taking feedback and inputs from the people as any idea or suggestion could be a game changing strategy
  • Transparency - Companies should ensure that they are having transparent policies and processes as with holding of information or knowledge may be instigator for competition. Having ambiguity or not leading the vision of the organization will not lead to path breaking innovative products
  • Data – This year will require HR professional to build more data predictive models and partner with the business to take accurate decisions
  • Career Development- Carving clear defined road maps for employees and providing them avenues to learn new things will be very important for quarterly feedback, performance management and as retention strategy  
  • Reward Practices & Tools- It will be required to innovate more in terms of benefits rather than relying only on money. With more of Gen Z/Millenials in the workplace and the business models it will be required to build HR tools on smartphone, empower them with information through mobile and engage with the employees through apps

Let’s look forward for this New Year as a new opportunity to learn and consequently keep ourselves innovating!

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