Sunday, 15 January 2017

Future of AI & HR:

Ever wondered how would you feel if you didn’t have to check your schedule on a day when you are sick? Or do not want to fill up a feedback coming from HR end? AI and Chatbot is the new age HR which will help you to avoid the age old processes in your daily work life.

With the new chatbots coming up employee will be able to send a communication to his/her manager regarding a sick leave and the chatbot will automatically alert all the users w.r.t your schedule. Chatbot will help your manager to align the meetings in your absence.  Gone would be the days when you are writing a mail to HR and waiting for revert. With chatbot you would be able to ask queries or clarifications on any company policy or process and you would be able to get an instant answer.

HR would not be required to send lengthy feedback forms but with the help of chatbot  they would be able to gauge the pulse of the people through set of defined questions. HR including the business leaders would be able to view the responses, which would help them to take necessary intervention. AI will alert the business leaders and HR on how the people are feeling and who are the people who have moved from happy to unhappy zone or even probably have become a fence sitter. Annual Employee Satisfaction Survey will become archaic and real time feedback through AI will become the fashionable thing to be implemented.

The future of performance management will be when employees will share their feedback with chatbot on a regular basis and not fill the long annual performance forms.  Chatbot will be the new friend of all the managers to give them real updated information. HR will also see a transition from people to business and interventions. AI will be the new tool to help HR in decision making. 

Chatbots on mobile phones will revolutionise the way we work and will become a key ask from Gen Z/Millenials.

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