Monday, 8 August 2016

Workplace Bullying!

Workplace bullying or exhibiting unreasonable behavior towards any one is something which is found at every workplace and could be subtle as well. It not only discriminates against the employees but also impacts physical and emotional well being. 

Here are some of signs that will help you understand if you are also one of the victims:

·        Your boss keeps a record of your negatives/mistakes rather than focusing on the positives
·         You don’t want to talk to certain people and avoid confrontation with them
·         You tend to show your frustration at some other place or person
·         Your boss/colleague takes all the credit of your work
·         There is a lot of yelling at workplace and you feel threatened, humiliated or insulted
·         You are not invited to meetings or lunch discussions
·         You feel you want to take a break for mental health

Every employee should be treated respectfully at work and with dignity. In case you have felt any of these signs you need to immediately contact your senior management/harassment committee for quick resolution to your problems. Corporates need to immediately address this issue and come up with anti-bullying policy which addresses the concerns and list the consequences.

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