Monday, 7 May 2012

Motivating Gen Y

Are we following the right steps in motivating our Gen Y work force? This Gen Y workforce who is very high of himself/herself might be circling around you while listening to their ipods. They are always online, texting, tweeting and don’t ever block their path even while in office. This is the kind of workforce we are talking about. Though much has been written and said about these employees but still we have to catch up a lot in terms of our practices. 

Gen Y has no issues in voicing out their concerns so don’t ever think about trying to suppress their ideas.  Hearing out their concerns and working on their issues give them a lot of ego boost which is the base of their career development. They are constantly thinking of new and innovative ideas and have entrepreneurial mindset.

In order to keep this flock of employees motivated, we must check on following few things:
  1. Always make sure that they are working in teams as these are the people who have grown up hanging around with friends
  2. Give them regular feedbacks. Don’t ever wait only for annual appraisal/review
  3. Don’t intimidate them by poking your nose in their work style
  4. Give them enough flexibility in their work culture. Don’t try to bind them with forced time lines
  5. Have proper communication channel. Don’t leave them working in silos
  6. Reward them intelligently. Don’t just rely on appreciation mails
  7. Recognize their work based on their performance and not on their tenure
These are the people who as per Dave Ulrich believe in Life/Work Balance and not Work/Life Balance as for them their work revolves around their lives. If we start working towards their recognition, development and growth, these Gen Y people will have no issues working for the same organisation.

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