Sunday, 11 December 2011

Social Media and Employee Empowerment

After reading the amazing article “People are not your greatest assets”, I was wondering if we can ever think on this tagline because we have always widely accepted that the employees are the greatest assets of any business or organisation. For any organisation to grow its employees are at the core of any business strategy, however, now I am beginning to have inclination on the other side of the story. Do we really care about these employees who we always say that this is my strength?

I will go by the views of the authors of “People are not your greatest assets” that what really is important is how you ‘EMPOWER’ your employees rather than just saying these are my assets. It really matters how you treat them and give them the real freedom to innovate and express themselves inside the organisation. ‘Social Media’ is the best way of empowering our greatest assets.

What really is happening in the case of Facebook, Twitter and Youtube? It is bringing people on the same platform, making relationships and sharing knowledge. Same is the case with Social Network inside the organisation. It brings collaboration into the organisation and empowers the employee.

Some of the advantages that a social media gives to the organisation are:

Building Relationships: With the social media, employees from different geographies and different locations can network together for the same goal.

Collective Knowledge: Talent pool can work together for a common vision and accumulate a vast knowledge.

Real Time Solution: With different minds working for a common solution will help in faster resolution to a problem and help in finding the specific expertise.

Common Interest: People with the same passion and interest can work together and ultimately can leverage the network built through social media.

We should work towards the empowerment of our employees through this mass collaboration which will help us to achieve our strategic objectives. 

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