Sunday, 7 August 2011

Resume : A Passè

Soon it would be the day when the employers would be asking the prospective candidates to share their LinkedIn profiles and not their Resume’s. Today, many organisations have already started asking the candidates to send their LinkedIn profiles.

There are many advantages if the employers ask for LinkedIn profile. It helps the organisations to search for the candidates’ profile instantaneously. They can track the activity of the candidate on the LinkedIn network. This helps the employer to gauge candidates’ pro activeness and willingness to be active outside the work boundaries.

Moreover, the recommendations feature of the LinkedIn also helps the employer to get the readymade reference check.  It helps the organisation to get the true picture of the prospective candidate long before the candidate has been hired. Through the recommendations the employer also gets to understand the type and quality of work the candidate is doing in the present organisation.

Let’s gear up for this change in the world of Talent Acquisition and also the candidates should make themselves available and be ready.

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