Sunday, 21 August 2011

Fun @ Work

Fun and Work are two characters that are inherent part of an organisation. However, we are not serious about these characters and consider these two as the North and South Pole of the organisation. If we talk about the organisational culture where in fun can be seen in all the spheres of the growth, then we won’t be able to find many organisations. There are few organisations which have integrated fun with their business growth. Some of these organisations are Google and Semco to name a few.

In a recent survey done by Adecco, UK nearly three fourths of the employees in UK prefer to work for an organisation where fun is fostered in its culture rather than a fat paying organisation. If the employees are working in a good organisational culture then their performance and productivity also increases. People are more engaged in their jobs and feel more committed.  

Google Inc. Is the pioneer in this philosophy. We can take any Google office around the globe for that matter. Google’s office in California is a jewel which integrates the fun @ work spirit. The employees have the option of all the gourmet food they can think about in the world and that too at no extra cost. They can take a nap in their own potheads whenever they feel like. This increases the productivity of the employees as there is no stress in such conditions. They can work out at the Gym and keep their body toned. The employees have the option to come to the office with a laundry bag which they can get it washed in the office. What more an employee can ask for.

If you are at Google you don’t need to take the stairs as you have the fire poles and slides to take you to your destination. One can see such culture at any of the Google’s office be it Zurich or Beijing. If the employee has to go out of office for an errand the employees can take the specially kept electric charged cars to get their work done.  This is what which creates the employer brand and helps to get the best talent of the world.

Semco is another such company which promotes an entrepreneurial mindset where the employees have all the power and freedom to make their lives happier and contended while at work. They can have all the paid vacations they want as far as their work is all done. They can take their pets to workplace and have their meetings not in closed doors.    

These days other organisations too have started realising the benefits of making the office culture as a ‘Great place to work for’. They have started organising sport clubs and other such meets to promote these ideals of fun at work. The question that now arises is that what are we doing to make our organisations a great place, wherein the employees look forward to coming everyday to office.

This is a thought on which we should start pondering upon!!!!


  1. Good one Ashar, In our company we were talking about it recently. Good to read your blog. Keep writing...