Sunday, 7 January 2018

2018: What next?

Happy 2018 to all the readers and this month, let’s figure out what this year unfolds for HR. With millennials in the workplace - empowered, information on finger tips and highly socially connected- here are few aspects which will be crucial for organisations to survive as attract the right talent:

  • Moving from employee engagement to employee experience- Employees now are looking for the experience organisations have to offer and do not get swayed by the engagement index/numbers. Experience is brought through the culture team builds, the practices built and implemented by the organisation and through unique incentives/benefits offered (Not the cash part)
  • AI & HR- As discussed in my earlier blog, AI and HR will have a long term relationship to offer unique experience to the workforce. Chatbots will be the ‘IN’ thing to check the pulse on floor and engage employees
  • Digitizing HR- With all information on the ‘thumb’ of the employees and moving towards a total digitized HR. Back end processes to run automatically through highly complex systems and attracting talent basis competency and not on skill sets and past experiences
  • #MeToo- This trend will also get absorbed in the workplace and organisations would have to ensure that grievances are resolved and build an environment and systems where harassment in any form is not tolerated
  • Branding- Employers will have to focus on employer branding as Millenials/Gen Y are not attracted towards the CTC component only. They need to be convinced on ‘What’s in it for me’ and where I would be in next 1 year.

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